Dash Compact Air Fryer Fries / Easy Camper Van Cooking & Vegan Recipe

DASH COMPACT AIR FRYER FRIES / EASY CAMPER VAN COOKING & VEGAN RECIPE – The Dash Compact Air Fryer has been great for cooking in a van and especially cooking air fryer oven recipes since I don’t have an oven. My air fryer fries turn out so tasty, crisp, and this vegan air fryer recipes for air fryer French fries has rosemary sea salt and a touch of oil. If you have a van or RV or tiny kitchen, then this compact air fryer is perfect in those spaces and uses less energy. I’ll do a comprehensive Dash Compact air fryer review soon, but if you’re looking for air fryer vegan recipes, Dash compact air fryer recipes, general air fryer recipes, easy air fryer recipe, or air fryer recipes vegan, then watch how I make air fryer fries, van cooking and air fryer cooking in my Hymer Aktiv Class B van. You can still cook healthy air fryer vegan meals or side dishes in the Dash air fryer and I teach how to use a small air fryer in a tiny kitchen. Soon I’ll have more vegan air fryer recipes so stay tuned.

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