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Chicken and Dumplings Recipe – Chicken and Gnocchi – Slow Cooker Recipe

I made this Chicken and Dumplings Recipe in my slow cooker (crock pot.) The thing that made this Chicken and Dumplings Recipe a lot easier was using gnocchi in place of the traditional homemade Dumplings or biscuits. I really liked this twist on this recipe. Another ingredient I added to my Chicken and Dumplings that you don’t see often was heavy cream. This made the soup very creamy and added a great touch of flavor.
Hopefully my chicken and dumplings will serve as a guide. Below are the ingredients that I used.

The ingredients I used for my Chicken and Dumplings Recipe:
* Leftover chicken
* Chicken Broth
* Gnocchi (can be found at most grocery stores)
* Golden mushroom condensed soup
* Heavy cream
* Frozen mixed vegetables
* Onion Sliced
* Celery sliced
* Pepper
* Rosemary
* Sage
* Thyme
* Bay leaves

I used an air roaster that doubles as a crock pot for my recipe. Any crock pot or slow cooker would work, as well as making it on your stove. I typically make Chicken and dumplings on the stove, but chose to make it in my crock pot since I was going to be away from my kitchen for a few hours.

Ray Mack’s Chicken & Dumplings Video:

Thyron’s Chicken & Dumplings Video:

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