Florentine Steak Recipe | Italy Indoor Fireplace Cooking Recipes

In this ‘Piatto’ video recipe, learn the secrets to perfecting the Florentine Steak recipe famously served in the Tuscany region of Italy!

This recipe for ‘Bistecca alla Fiorentina’ was filmed in a real Italian kitchen, and is among the best of indoor fireplace cooking recipes that Italy has to offer.

TIP: For this Florentine Steak recipe, choose a t-bone steak that is dry-aged for at least 30 days. Even better? A dry aged steak of 45 days produced the best taste and texture we’ve ever enjoyed!

TIP: To achieve the best results when cooking a Florentine Steak, use grassfed beef and hormone-free beef if possible.

TIP: The size of the t bone steak you use for this Florentine Steak recipe should be 2- 2.5 pounds.

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The recipe, in Italian:

t-bone steak – chianina steak, angus steak from an angus or limousine cow
Fine Salt
Coarse Salt
Indoor or outdoor fireplace

Buon Appetito!


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