Hamburger Seasoning Recipe ~ Steak And Shake ~ Best Burger Recipe

How To Make Hamburger Seasoning Recipe, just like at Steak And Shake, is a video tutorial from;, where Mike shows you the World’s Best Homemade Hamburger Recipe. In addition to his Easy Hamburger Recipe, Mike reveals his Burger Seasoning that some folks say makes the Best Grilled Burgers. Forget those Gourmet Burger Recipes, and make the Best Cheeseburger on your block. Your jealous neighbors will be texting their friends, they just devoured the best Homemade Burger ever. This is not your Grandmother’s Classic Burger Recipe, this is truly a Unique Hamburger Recipe.

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Video transcript.
In a world surrounded by burger joints, one man is a beacon for simplicity.

Wow that was some introduction. Hi it’s Mike from with a tip for you on how to make a hamburger in under five minutes on what I’m calling one of the best hamburger recipes.

The reason I’m calling it one of the best hamburger recipes is because it’s simple. Let’s face it we eat hamburger because we want to taste of the beef.

And why do they call it hamburger when it comes from cows anyway?

Anyhow I visited my local Steak N Shake and watched them make a burger and what they put in the beef, that they are calling steakburgers is absolutely nothing. They do put a seasoning on afterwards and I’m going to share what I believe to be that recipe with you. And I’m going to show you how to make what is essentially a Steak N Shake burger in about five minutes. Let’s get started.

Okay before you begin your going to need to pre-make your seasoning and I make extra so I have it on hand for next time. What I have in that handy shaker there is 8 tablespoons of salt and I use sea salt as you can see. 2 tablespoons of black pepper, 2 teaspoons of onion powder, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder. Notice that’s not garlic salt that’s garlic powder. If you use garlic salt it will make the seasoning too salty. I have 4 teaspoons of sugar and a half a teaspoon of paprika

Okay let’s get started. I have here some hamburger meat which is 80/20 but of course you can always use ground chuck or whatever you like. First thing we want to fire up the pan. Get that going.

Now I’m going to come over here and roll our hamburger ball first. I have here and 1/3 cup measuring device. It’s just essentially to show you how much hamburger I’m using. Remember Steak N Shake burgers are thin. In fact they use a spatula and a hamburger press there to smash them down during the cooking process. Most don’t have a spatula that is rigid enough at home so essentially it’s flexible it would be flexible and that’s not going to do the job. So what you can do is, what I am going to do is take some kitchen spray Pam this is, and I’m going to spray the bottom of this pan like this. And that is going to prevent the burger from sticking to it when I use it to press down the burger in the pan

Let’s go over here and let’s put the burger in the pan. Let me grab this here. And I’m going to come over here and use this as a press. Now if we are lucky the pam will prevent the burger from sticking which it did. Now I take my Steak N Shake seasoning and put it on the top of the burger. And when we flip it will put some more on there.

Okay I’ll add a little more of that Steak N Shake seasoning on that side. Now I am going to go ahead and turn that off and put the cheese on so it can melt. Let me go ahead and get the bun ready. There you go a delicious Steak N Shake burger at home in under five minutes.

Well there you go folks, a recipe that I’m calling one of the best burger recipes because it’s simple and it uses the Steak N Shake seasoning.

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Steak N Shake seasoning, hey hey hey dude that’s my burger. No you had yours in fact you had two! Look put the burger down, thank you. Let’s start from the top. Well there you go folks, look hey dude put the burger down! I’m going to come over there, (microphone rustling noises) alright man come on.

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