Whole 30

How I’m Making a Custom EASY Whole30 Meal Plan

I’m a firm believer that you need a Whole30 meal plan when doing a Whole30. However, I like the flexibility of choosing from a bunch of meals that are Whole30-compliant rather than one someone laid out for me. I’ll use a pre-done meal plan in a pinch, but given time to prepare I like to make my own. Plus my schedule is just so wacky sometimes that I need 20 min meals some nights and can take hours others.

Yet I don’t want to spend TOO much time planning, especially when I’m going through the first through days of the strict Paleo effort. So since I’m starting this next Whole30 in a week, I’m taking time now to get all the recipes and meal ideas I want to try all together into one place.

I also explain a bit about what my family will be doing while I do this Whole30 and how I manage them NOT doing it with me.


In this video I mention the meal planning software I’m using – which is Plan to Eat. You can try it out for 30 days free at (aff link): https://plantoeat.com/ref/5ccf765724

“Friend” me in Plan to Eat to access all of the recipes I’ve added. When you get in, go to the left column — Friends — Add friend — enter michelespring in the To box, let me know where you saw this video (YouTube or Facebook) and hit send.


This is the chili I talked about (make sure to use ghee or coconut oil for Whole30): https://www.savorylotus.com/paleo-sweet-potato-chili/


I also mentioned that several members of my free private Facebook group, the Thriving On Paleo Club, are doing the Whole30 in March as well. You can join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603719039936315/


And I also mentioned that I’ll be ordering a few meals from Paleo On the Go so that I have emergency backup freezer meals. You can check them out at (aff link): http://potg.co/2uBBZXU

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