30 Days to Healthy | Dairy-free & Paleo Salad Dressing

Today’s video is a really quick salad dressing “recipe.” Technically it’s a recipe, but really I just squeeze these ingredients together in a cup, mix, and pour. Click “Show More” ↓

Typically I just use the mustard and olive oil. This is great if you’re on the Whole30 or a weight loss diet because it’s sugar-free, paleo, and super low calorie. The mustard I showed had 1g carb but typically you can find dijon mustard with no carbs.

But to spice it up today I decided to add some honey and apple cider vinegar. I do this when I’m eating salads with kale because the sweetness and the kale work really well together.

Original blog post with recipe – http://painfreekitchen.com/2013/05/update-and-new-kale-salad-recipe/

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