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What I ate on WW Freestyle | Great day today | Jan 20 2019

PB2 Dessert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDBQMj2pfIs&list=PLS6jF49n04VNxBTNbJHlxJlSsiajmrUIs&index=37
I’m in week 120 on WW and had been stalled for about 5 months or so at the same weight but I’m back at the program again and have lost more this MONTH than I have all year in 2018 so far! I’m feeling pretty proud of the year so far. This is a what I ate on WW Freestyle 23 daily smart points and 35 weekly points. I have lost just over 125 pounds and have about 60 to go on my journey. I’m so ready for round 2 to continue! Hope you follow along on the rest of my journey. My husband has already reached goal in just 2 short years he has lost 161 pounds! I could have been there had I not taken a break but I’m just happy I didn’t gain it all back during that time.

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