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Weight Watchers Recipe – Avocado Feta Salad || Sabthefoodaddict


This Avocado Feta Salad is so good and if you use Fat Free Feta for zero points you can eat it for less!


English cucumber – 0sp
Cherry Tomatoes – 0sp
Feta Cheese – 0 fat free 4sp for regular
Avocado – 3sp
Balsamic Dressing – 1sp

You can also use light italian or even just lemon and pepper to lower the points.

Thank you so much for watching and supporting me on my journey! I’ve decided this year to utilize Youtube to help me on my weight loss journey with weight watchers! If you are on a weight loss journey, or are following weight watchers, please let me know in the comments below!! Let’s support each other!

I now follow weight watchers through meetings 🙂

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Current Weight: 197.2
Goal Weight: 160lbs

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