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Risotto rice with chicken & mushroom – Weight Watchers Recipe!

Homemade Weight Watchers Recipe: Risotto with rice, chicken and mushroom.

For one person Risotto you will need:

130g. chicken breast
half a small onion
5pcs. champignon mushrooms
100g. cooked rice
1 cloves garlic
1 tbsp. olive oil
salt and pepper

How to make risotto:
All vegetables finely chopped. fry in a pan garlic, onions and mushrooms, Add chicken breast, pre-baked in a grill at 200 degrees – 15 min.
Cut the chicken breast into small pieces and fry with vegetables.
Fry Rice, later refill 50 mg of water to rice and put out about 5 minutes.
Add dill.
Tasty and healthy!

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