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Crack Slaw Stir Fry – Low Carb Recipe By Risa | Weight watchers Recipe

Crack Slaw Stir Fry – Low Carb Recipe By Risa
weight watchers crack slaw recipes

1 or 2 lbs ( if making for a lot of people use 2lbs) of ground chicken, turkey, beef ( extra lean/ lean) I use extra lean ground chicken!
Add garlic and onion powder , pepper to the ground chicken and pan fry it. If you use beef you need to count the smart points!!

Add to a bowl when fully cooked. Use the same frying pan and add 1 or 2 sweet onions ( you can use any onion and how much you want). 1 pkg of sliced mushroons (optional). Add 1 tbs sesame oil 4sp, 1tbs of hoisen sauce 2sp, 1tsp salt, fresh garlic minced (4 cloves or more if you want) 1 tbs of apple cider vinegar, 1 tbs or more of Frank’s hot sauce, 2 tsp truvia/sugar . Add cabbage mixture ( 1 or 2 pkgs ), broccoli, snow peas ( any vegetables you enjoy). Once soft add the chicken and mix!!! Add more seasoning if you want!! Taste and see what you need!!!

6 sp on lifestyle for the entire recipe!! Serving size depends on how many vegetables you use!!! Enjoy!!

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