Paleo Diet Foods & Paleo Recipes – Why Should You Eat Paleo !

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In recent times there has been a great increase in interest in paleo diet. People have started to understand what it is and those who already knew had already started to follow it. As it’s health benefits are too many too count, people are trying to go paleo as much as they can. Last year google reports said that paleo was the most searched for any diet related keyword. This shows the demand of paleo diet. This is not a surprising fact as it was clear that once people became aware about paleo diet and the vast benefits it has, there will a lot of demand for it.

So what is paleo diet? Paleo diet foods the foods that come direct from nature without any processing done by humans or machines. Since they are direct from nature, their natural balance is maintained when we eat them unlike the processed food that we consume which lose many of their vital components in processing and also along the way pick up some toxins which are dangerous for health. Hence, paleo diet has hell lot of benefits over normal diet. Our ancestors used to eat it long time ago where there was on agriculture or farming. They used to take it direct from nature by killing animals, or from plants by plucking foods such as seeds or vegetables. This is the reason why they were so healthy and had a better life span that we do have.

Diary products are not included in paleo diet. Paleo diet mainly consists of vegetables, seeds and meats. It is also called the caveman or the forest man diet. You can either grow these things in your backyard or you can take them from local grocery store. You will need to make some efforts in order to find them and buy them but trust me it is well worth the price to pay. I have included above a link for paleo recipes that are very tasty to eat. Normally people who want to follow paleo diet complain that they don’t find tasty stuffs in paleo food. Therefore this is for you go check it out, it has over 380 paleo recipes. Eat paleo foods and stay healthy.

Paleo Diet Foods
Paleo Recipes

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