Paleo Breakfast Recipes | Paleo Recipe Book

Paleo Breakfast Recipes | Paleo Recipe Book

The Paleo Diet also known as the “Caveman Diet”, isn’t really a diet at all. The Paleo Diet gets back to eating the way Humans have eaten for thousands of years. The Paleo diet recognizes the value of fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, nuts and seeds. And helps combine them healthy, energy producing, non fat producing ways that the whole family will enjoy.

The Paleo Recipe Book will have you eating the foods our bodies were meant to eat. Do you get bored thinking about food? Always thinking you’re going to be eating the same thing over and over? Do you have cravings? Or picky, finicky eaters in your family that you are contently concerned won’t eat the foods that you have spent hours planning for and preparing? With the Paleo Recipe Book, you can kiss those days “Good-bye”.

The Paleo Recipe Book brings it all together with inspiring recipes, tantalizing photos, and convenient tips. The Paleo Recipe Book contains recipes for meals, desserts, and snacks that will have your family running back to the kitchen and begging for seconds.
The Paleo Recipe Book is over 370 recipes so you never have to worry again about having to eat the same things over and over! The Paleo Recipe Book’s 395 pages of quick recipes and tantalizing photos will give you inspiration to mix, match and combine an almost endless array of entrees, side dishes and desserts.
When you get the Paleo Recipe Book, you will get over 370 different food recipes, divided into 18 categories, and convenient easy to read, easy to follow cooking Charts and Guides. When you buy today, you will also get The Quick and Simple Paleo Meal Cookbook, the Paleo Meal Plan Book, the Herb and Spice Guide, as well as the Paleo Dessert Cookbook all as an extra BONUS and thrown in absolutely free.

The Paleo Recipe Book is worth $39.00 by itself. But today, we’ve decided to sell it as low as $27.00.
So, let’s review… Today, you are getting the Paleo Recipe Book (a $39.00 value), the 8 Week Meal Planning Guide, The Herb and Spice Guide, the Quick and Simple Paleo Meals cookbook, and the Paleo Dessert cookbook…. (Bonuses worth more than $70.00)
ALL for the LOW price of only $27.00!

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