Asian-Style Cabbage Wraps | Paleo Recipe

Stuffed cabbage wraps get an Asian-inspired twist in this recipe full of fresh ingredients. This recipe makes a large batch for a Paleo-friendly crowd pleaser.

I have been enjoying Golumpki–a traditional Polish recipe for stuffed cabbage–for many years, courtesy of my boyfriend’s mother. She makes large batches of them and shares them with us. They are also a mainstay during the holiday season.

They are stuffed with rice, meat, and sometimes vegetables. Since cabbage is so versatile, I thought, why not make an Asian-inspired Paleo version?

Cabbage is the perfect vessel for stuffing full of chopped veggies and meat for a savory oven-baked recipe. The leaves of this cruciferous vegetable tenderize yet stay strong enough to hold the ingredients inside.

– JENNAFER ASHLEY for Paleohacks




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