21 Day Fix

Tacos in a Bag


Genny’s 21 day fix recipe list doesn’t contain Tacos in a Bag. But even so, it is a hit on the busy mom what are we going to do for dinner list. I like it because it is novel and fun as well as easy.

This tacos in a bag recipe is not new. I have seen it on several blogs and finally decided to try. I wish I did so earlier. Making this recipe is a great thing to do with children. Picky eaters tend to like it.

The food is both mixed and eaten in the bag. This makes cleanup is a snap. Simply toss the empty bag in the garbage and your done.

While I am not going to write out a full recipe for something so simple the concept is pretty easy.

Buy individual bags of nacho chips. You can use either natural or flavored (I like using Doritos).
Cook up ground meat with taco flavoring.
Open the bag and add in a couple tablespoons of meat, cheese, and any other desired taco ingredients like sour cream, lettuce, or salsa.
Mix in with a spoon and eat straight from the bag.

Tacos in a bag is a good recipe for camping. It is also good for stress full times because it is so easy and fun. I invite you to try it, as well as to leave me a comment on the YouTube video above.

If this is recipe appeals to you, we also have a recipe for your own taco shells.

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