Honey Cake Recipe in Tamil | Jam Cake Recipe in Tamil

In this video we are going to see how to make honey cake recipe in tamil. Honey cake / Jam cake is a very soft and moist cake which almost melts in your mouth.

I have used a 7 inch baking pan for this recipe. If you use a smaller pan the cooking time will increase and the cake will be thicker.
Jam cakes are moist and will go bad quicker than other cakes, so make sure to finish this tasty cake as soon as possible or store in refrigerator.
For making eggless honey cake please replace (Egg+Milk) with 3/4 cup of curd. For making this cake in pressure cooker, use a layer of salt on the bottom of the cooker, use a stand to prop up the cake pan. Let the cooker preheat without a whistle and then put in the cake pan and cover the lid without using the whistle

Friends, please do try this honey cake / jam cake at home and share it with your friends and family. All the best and happy cooking !! Happy holidays from Madras Samayal.

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